Forest Meadows meets all your funeral home, cremation, and cemetery needs.

Forest Meadows is Gainesville’s only total care provider for both your funeral home, cremation, and  cemetery needs, thereby enabling us to offer you the very finest in funeral home, cremation services, and cemetery services in the area.

Whether you choose to use Forest Meadows for both your funeral home, cremation, or  cemetery needs, or choose to divide your funeral home, cremation, cemetery needs between us and another provider, we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.

Forest Meadows Funeral Home and Crematory has served Alachua County and the surrounding area since 1951. We have our own crematory located in our own funeral home, so there is never a question of where, or by whom, your loved one is being cremated. When you want the very best for your family, you can place your trust in Forest Meadows Funeral Home.

  • Jon C. Thomas II – VP

    Where are you from, Where you been: Ft. Lauderdale originally but I grew up in Tallahassee.   Karen, the kids, and I moved to Gainesville about 9 years ago. Education/Certification: BA Professional Administration, MCSE Hobbies: Fishing, Cooking, Reading, Being a Dad...
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  • Joe Pavlich – Funeral Director

    Where are you from, Where have you been: I was born in Pittsburgh and moved to Florida when I was 21 Hobbies: Riding my motorcycle Why are you in the Funeral Service: I often thought that to loose someone you...
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