How we got to Gainesville

Many people have asked how it is that our Family ended up here in Gainesville, FL and owning a Funeral Home & three Cemeteries.  The latter is a lot easier to answer.

My father, Jon C. Thomas, started out working for a Funeral Home in Uniontown, Pa as a teenager.  Polishing brass, washing cars, and mowing the grass all of the things you do as a young man.

Dad’s family ultimately moved to Florida where he graduated from High School.  He also continued on in the Funeral Service, went to Mortuary College and served in the U.S. Army.  In 1964 he opened his first Funeral Home.  Continuing to serve his local community, he was elected to the Legislature where he served in both the House and the Senate.

About 9 years ago he was the Lucky recipient of a Liver Transplant at Shands.  Our Family was very blessed that he was able to receive such excellent care.  As many of you may know, to receive any type of transplant you have to be very, very ill.

The long wait allowed us a family to spend a lot of time in Gainesville, more than we had ever anticipated except for a football game or two.   It also allowed my Father and his old Senate colleague, Bob Saunders, to reconnect after many years.

The amazing thing about a Liver Transplant is that once the transplant takes place, the recipient feels almost instantly better.  That invigoration and Mr. Saunders intent to retire made for a great opportunity for our Family.

After a Family meeting, it was decided that we would purchase Forest Meadows Funeral Home & Cemeteries and move to the city that had taken such great care of us when we really needed it.