Your Legacy….

Every Life is a Story.  Where Will Yours be Told?


We always think that our friends, family, and spouses know us better than we know ourselves.  That great story about scoring the winning goal, the day your husband proposed, that great family trip, or that life that you touched.

These memories shape your Legacy.  These are the stories that our loved ones have to pass down to future generations.  Where will yours be told?


Leave us a note on what you think you will be remembered for the most.  Your dedication to Gator Football, your love of ice cream, or the way you volunteered in the community and made a difference.

Next Thursday, the 24th of October, our staff will draw one lucky winner who will have $50 to make a new memory with…  We’ll post the lucky winner on our Facebook Page.  So stay tuned and remember every day is a gift.



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  1. JT at · Reply

    There’s probably a lot, but I think that my kids will remember the fishing trips and late night emergency ice cream runs to Publix the most.

  2. Neil O'Connor at · Reply

    Hi – I hope I am remembered for making people laugh at how stupid I can be. I love making people laugh, if you cannot laugh at your self ………… what can you laugh at?
    I would like my friends to say I was fun, I did not take my self to serious and I love those around me more everyday. I really want my friends & family know that I cared deeply about them, my faith, family, profession, friends and health are the order I loved life by. I looked for beauty in all of the people I met, I looked for solutions in all challenges. I am just a grain of sand that is a part of the universe. Namaste!!!

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