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Cong Vo


Our loving Father, trusting Husband, kind grandpa, strong brother, and caring best friend, Cong Vo, has passed on 02/10/2022 at the sweet age of 74, in his hometown Gainesville, Florida. His battle with end stage prostate cancer in recent years showed his courage in facing life challenges with a smile. Despite his hardships, Cong has always shown his kindness and loved to help others.

Cong met the love of his life, Hai, while installing her family’s gutters. He pursued her with all of his heart. It was a strong lasting love that crossed two continents as our families immigrated to America from Vietnam after the war. Together, they had two children: Yen and Dat.

Cong always taught by example. For instance, the one story about our 7th Uncle who said that he would never step foot back in his hometown again if he did not pass his graduate exams. If one has a goal, they must achieve it in any way possible and don’t give up.

He would speak of our 8th Uncle who never put down his books. Even while working at the ship yards and the people laughed at him for always studying, he was not bothered by such negativity. He would read the notes before hand and then learn the lessons during lectures, digest the facts during soccer practice, master the teachings during dates. In that way, my father taught us to never waste your precious time.

There are many more examples and many times where he would boast about his dear brothers and sisters, possibly too many to go over. One could see his admiration and love that he had for his siblings.

I would like to cite some famous words that he always reminded us of:
Đường đi khó không khó vì ngăn sông cách núi, mà khó vì lòng người ngại núi e sông.
The path is not hard because it is riddled with mountains and rivers, but because of man’s hesitation to make the climb and cross bridges.

Even though our father started his life over with nothing in America, he learned English and went back to school. In the year 2000, He graduated from the University of Florida with his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He went back to work to support his family and others.

Every year he would support family in Vietnam, for example providing cell phones to graduates who could not afford it so that they could start their careers. He would often make donations to support students from less fortunate families so they could go after their dreams. He offered his own home to visiting international students.

Even though he would drive the exact speed limit (or lower) and would be called a turtle on the road… could you believe that he has taught so many to pass their driving exams?! He has been a Saint when helping people. He would always give to others when he had not much himself.

When you looked at him, he dressed plainly. He set his air conditioning high, watched his water bill, and lived very frugal just to save a little extra so that he could help someone else. He just gave everything he had to others, not caring about himself.

Cong proclaimed that one must live with a greater purpose. One should not only provide for his family but also uphold the responsibilities as someone strong enough to help mankind and society. He had a strong moral purpose and had the kindest of intentions. Please remember his willingness to help all of us and our families with no reservations.

Cong will be honored and remembered on Saturday, February 19th, 2022 at Forest Meadows Funeral Home & Cemeteries. Address: 725 NW 23rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609
Public Visitation from 9:00 AM to 11:15 PM. Eulogies at 11:15 AM. Burial ceremony to follow immediately at Forest Meadows Cemetery: 4100 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32606.

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  1. Walter Carr at · Reply

    I was fortunate to have Cong as my neighbor. I’ll always remember this kind fellow riding his bicycle collecting aluminum cans prior to recycle pick up. We became friends, and especially since we both were close in age also we both served in the Vietnam war. We’ll miss our gentle friend.

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