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Yvonne Dorval Bublitz



Mrs. Yvonne Dorval-Bublitz, age 79 of Gainesville, Fl. passed away peacefully on Sunday May 5, 2013 after a short illness. She was born in New Bedford, Ma. on April 20, 1934.

She is preceded in death by her husband of 48 years, Rene G. Dorval and 4 years to the late James Bublitz.

She is the loving mother of three daughters, Joyce Dorval (Vincent Gargiulo), Diane (George) Andrews, Renee Dorval and three sons, Donald (Linda) Dorval, Paul (Barbara) Dorval, and Peter (Valerie)Dorval whom have both preceded her in death. She has left 7 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.

Graveside service for Mrs. Dorval-Bublitz is being held on Friday, May 10 at 2 PM at the Forest Meadows Memorial Park East/Military Garden of Honor on Hwy 20 in Gainesville, Fl.

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  1. Ann Marie Arseneault at · Reply

    Your Mom was a true matriarch. She watched over and loved you all for many years.
    She did this without judgement and only extended a kind hand with support and guidance. She raised an amazing family that all who know you have the highest respect and pleasure to be in your company. I will always remember your Mom to be quiet and calm. She brought peace to all who knew her. Just being in her presence you felt that she was special. She lived her life and lived it well. Your loss is overwhelming as to not have a woman with such grace, forgiveness and peace be in this world anymore. I am so sorry for your loss but grateful God has brought her safely home.

  2. Crystal Tognazzi at · Reply

    Oh I will miss you. You were always funny. Always saying the greatest one-liners, but fun enough to laugh at them. Your humor was dry, and I will never forget your laugh. You were not afraid to say how it is. I loved that. I am very much like that myself. After you and Pep got the pool I remember visiting one time and we were all in the pool when I asked you why you floated around in the pool like you did. Letting your feet float only an inch or two above the above ground pool floor and wading around with your head and the tops of your shoulders out of the water. You said “Cuz I can’t swim Crys.” I never knew that. You and Uncle Pete took me on my first plane ride. I was so scared and you and Pete told me we were going to be okay. I squeezed Uncle Pete’s arm so tight he thought it would fall off. Pete taking breaks from the squeezing evry so often to get his circulation back. I remember playing with Cherie and her friends down the road the year I stayed with you and Pep for the summer. The boys were putting sticks inside the hole between the trailer and the thing it sits on and Wasps came flying out. I got one in the eye. I couldn’t open my eye. It was sealed shut. Wouldn’t you know, You and Pep made an appointment to look at a trailer they were thinking of buying. You told me to stay in the car. She said “Someone might think we beat you up.” Ha. You and Pep liked to see all my dance routines and always put up with my crazy music when I came to visit. You would sit and tap your leg. IRecently when I was putting pictures in a new big window pane frame, I took a pic of You out and noticed for the first time ever that you and I have the same hands. Long hands, and skinny fingers. Pretty cool Mem. You always made me jello squares. They were the best too. I mean like 8-10 layers, and delicious to boot. I haven’t had one since the last ones you made me. They’ll never be the same. You never signed any Christmas present “From Mem , or From Mem and Pep, it was always From Santa. You were too funny! I could go on and on. My only regret is that I was unable to spend more time with you. I wish I had. I wish that our whole familys’ time with you could have been longer but I knew you were ready to go. You weren’t scared you were just tired. I am comforted knowing you are together once again with Pepere. Also with Uncle Pete and Aunt Val, and Jim. I hope you have found peace and I will one day see you again Memere. I love you.
    Love, Crystal

  3. Kelly at · Reply

    To the Dorval-Bublitz family,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is something we all wish we never had to go through. Thankfully, in his word the Bible, God promises us that soon “death will be no more”. He also gives us the hope of seeing our loved ones who have already fallen asleep in death (Revelation 21:3-4, John 5:28,29). I hope you find that comforting.

  4. Renee Dorval at · Reply

    Mom, Sunday will be 3 weeks you’ve been gone, and I still feel you here. I felt you touch me a few days ago after I finished washing out my hair color. You always checked to make sure I got everything. As I was just about finished I felt something touch me, it was you. Checking my hair. Thank you, I miss you so much and life without you will be tough. My family and close friends know what I’ve been going through for years now and it has not been easy. Please know, I am okay and I love you.

    *Loving Daughter always*

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